Why Wasps Are Attracted to Your Home?

Wasps are small insects just like bees which lay eggs and live in a nest. Generally, they make their own nests at the corners of walls, ceilings and doors too. Wasps are yellow colour insects that can fly rapidly. You can see some small mud structures at corners of the ceilings, those are the wasp nests. Wasps don’t harm humans generally but can be very harmful.

Because whenever a wasp bites a person, they inject some allergic constituents into the bloodstream of the bitten person. Also, the flowers attract them. Therefore, if you have flowers in your garden, waps can destroy them. Also, they create a lot of nuisance with a group. So it’s better to stay away from them and hire a local Pest Control expert

Do you know why wasps are attracted to your home? 

  • Nests – Wasps are small insects that generally are in search of some shelter. They seek a corner of a ceiling or walls to make their nest. Generally, they make their nests at the top region to get the most protective shelter. But they may defame the look of that area as they make a mud shelter.
  • Food – Just like other insects, wasps also seek some food to eat. They are in search of a place where they get adequate amounts of food to eat. If you have left food in an open area at your home, and the wasp sees it, your home will get a wasp infestation soon. So, it’s better to prevent keeping food openly.
  • Flowers – Wasps are just like bees in some ways, one of them is flowers attract them. As some wasps feed on to the flower nectar. Therefore, bright and tasty flowers attract wasps. Also, the aroma of the flowers attracts them. So, if you have some floral decorations at your home, either cover them up or keep them outside your living area.
  • Fruits – Wasps have great eyesight. They can see fruits lying from a long distance. So, if you have kept some fruits near your window or someplace which is exposed to an open area, wasps may be on the way. You should keep the fruits in the refrigerator or some closed container to prevent wasp arrival at your home.
  • Small Pests – Some of the breeds of wasps feed on some small and hibernating pests. Generally, they look for pests in the garden or some corner of the house. Apparently, they’ll come to eat pests and capture your house for their shelter. Therefore, it’s better to keep the house clean so that they can’t find a pest to feed on and leave your house.

Hire Best Wasp Exterminator

The above-mentioned reasons were enough to attract wasps to your house. And there are a lot of preventive methods to prevent them. But to get rid of wasps you need professional help and you must contact a wasp exterminator. In the case of pest infestation, call our Pest Control Caroline Springs expert at 03 4050 7852. You will get the best results with our wasp control treatment.